I offer three streams of service;

Client Based, Community Discussion, and Education

I wanted to make sure my chosen family would be the ones to make decisions for me should I become unable. It’s really important to me that the people who I’ve come to rely on and who know me best have everything they need to support me when I need it. Tiana helped guide me through everything with thoughtful questions and pertinent local information
— Allison, 23, Ottawa

Client Based

Client based service is for queer and queer-adjacent community members who are planning for their eventual deaths, who have received a terminal diagnosis, who are caring for a loved one who is dying, or who have experienced the death of a loved one. This can include but is not limited to:

  • help navigating paperwork
  • aid in preparing an advanced plan at any point in the process
  • support and presence for those with a terminal diagnosis who wish to understand their legacy, prepare their loved ones for their departure, or seek understanding of the processes they will go through at end of life
  • guidance and support for those who wish to care for their loved ones before and after death
  • assistance in creating appropriate community or personal rituals to celebrate life, death, and grief

These services are offered free of charge as I am able. To support me in being able to make this offering, I accept one-time and recurring donations from any individual or organization.

Contact me to discuss how I can be of service to you, your loved one, or your community.

My mom unexpectedly died over a year ago leaving us all at a loss. It’s been a struggle and I reached out to co-create a ritual to help us find peace with my mom’s choice to leave us. When I’m overwhelmed with grief, I turn back to the ritual we did for my mom and my family and it helps
— KC, 33

Community Discussion

I’m currently facilitating free monthly discussion groups for members of the queer community on all topics surrounding death, dying, and grief. These are offered in the Death Café format and are supported by the Home Hospice Association. They take place online over Zoom and are regularly attended by participants from all over the world. They are hosted in English only.


I offer 2SLGBTQIA+ Inclusive End of Life Care Training for end of life care providers of all types, from individual practitioners to large organizations as well as End of Life Care educational institutions. Participants will receive an overview of existing roadblocks to inclusive end of life care for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, an array of accessible actions to take to provide culturally competent care, as well as a robust resource package for further self-guided learning.

I offer Diversity and Inclusion Consulting for practices, organizations and institutions. Through a 2SLGBTQIA+ lens, I analyze your processes, identify roadblocks to access and gaps in service, and provide clients with actionable solutions for immediate, intermediate, and long term integration.

Contact me to discuss your priorities and we can determine how to best meet your needs.

Tiana’s presentation on 2SLGBTQIA+ deathcare was one of the most informative, accessible, engaging and action-oriented webinars I have participated in on this topic. Her compassionate and grounded approach allowed for folks with a range of knowledge to participate, learn and ask questions. Tiana shared a breadth of invaluable resources ranging from books, art, research papers, inclusive medical forms and various workshops, to name a few. I could not recommend this Queer Community Deathcare offering more! Working with and learning from Tiana has been an absolute pleasure.
— Samantha Shier, Program Manager, Dying With Dignity Canada,

This was a very powerful presentation. Thank you for sharing the video clips with us. As a death Doula I feel more equipped to work with a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community having heard your presentation today. I also will to be a better ally in EOL care. Thank you.
— DWDC 2021 conference participant

Current and recent engagements:

  • End of Life Doula Association of Canada
  • Institute of Traditional Medicine
  • Home Hospice Association
  • Dying With Dignity Canada
  • Lifting the Lid 2021
  • Deathcare Decoded